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UniLED™ Deck Lights.

The UniLED™ Deck Light is made from high quality 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel with an IP67 Rating. They are built to last and can even be submersed in water upto 1 metre to create stunning effects within swimming pools or water features, and can definitely stand up to our British weather!


At just 0.5 Watt each, our 60 Watt Power Supply Unit can run 120 Deck Lights and will use the same amount of energy as a single household light bulb!

Colours: White, Red, Blue, Green or Amber

Body Shape: Round or Square

Lens Type: Clear or Frosted

Height: 34.0mm | Face Width: 40.0mm | Body Width: 25.0mm

UniLED™ Deck Lights are available both individually and in box sets. Box sets include an 18 Watt Power Supply Unit and a 25mm Drill Bit for perfect installation. Please visit a distributor website for variations and availability.

Easy to install, no maintenance required, and extremely durable.

Click on an image to view our Deck Lights.

Deck Light Colours

Deck Light Colours

Deck Lights in Situ

Deck Lights in Situ

Deck Lights in Situ

Deck Lights in Situ

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