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What is the UniLED™ system? How does it work? Why should we use it?

We have tried to answer all your questions, so please read more below...

UniLED™ is the market leading brand for advanced LED lighting products, and over the  years has gained an enviable reputation throughout the world for delivering quality cost effective solutions to small, medium and large lighting projects in the Commercial and Domestic marketplaces.

We believe the UniLED™ 24v System is one of the easiest systems in the world. The lights in the system simply daisy-chain together using "Plug and Play" Sure Seal connections which are IP67 rated - When the seal is formed they are completely resistant to dust, and water resistant up to a depth of 1 metre. These connections ensure the system is easier than ever, and enable Domestic customers to install the system with no electrician required.

So, what are the benefits?

As well as being simple to install, the UniLED™ 24v System is also low voltage so energy costs are not an issue when using our lights. Our Power Supply Units convert the system from 240v to 24v, ensuring there are no voltage drop issues even when lighting up to 60 metres away.

One of the smallest lights in our system, the Deck Light, is ideal for Domestic projects and uses just 0.5 Watts of energy. To put things in to perspective, 120 Deck Lights will use just 60 Watts of energy - Slightly more than 1 average household light bulb! 

The largest light in our system, the Belfast, is perfect for Commercial projects and uses 24 Watts of energy. That is the equivalent energy of half an average household light bulb, but the Belfast is capable of illuminating an entire building!

The UniLED™ 24v System has many lights to choose from so there is something for all customers - Commercial, Trade and Domestic. Accessories can also be added such as Remote Control Units and Dusk to Dawn Sensors, for full control of the system.

Here's a quick re-cap:

  • 24 Volt System - Ensuring there are no voltage drop issues

  • Easy Plug and Play connections - No electrician is required for Domestic projects

  • IP67 rated Sure Seal connectors - Dust resistant, and water resistant up to 1 metre

  • Inexpensive to run - Most lights require just 1 watt of energy

  • Versatile and easy to add on to - Add more lights if and when required

  • Maintenance free - Most of the lights include a warranty

For more information please contact us below, or choose a local distributor            .

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