UniLED™ Trojan.

The UniLED™ Trojan is a 1 watt light fitting, IP67 rated and machined from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. It is perfect for lighting shrubs, small plants and features within gardens and uses just 1 watt of energy – 40 of these lights will consume the same energy as a single household light bulb!

The Trojan is available as a pivot fitting which can be fixed to walls, balconies and fence posts to illuminate as a downlight; or a spike fitting which can be inserted into the ground to illuminate as an uplighter.

Colours: Warm White, Cool White, Blue, Green or Amber

Dimensions: 100mm x 80mm x 70mm

An In Line Y Splitter must be used to install the Trojan correctly. Please visit a distributor website for more information.

Easy to install, no maintenance required, and extremely durable.

Click on an image to view our Trojan.

The Trojan - Pivot

The Trojan - Pivot

The Trojan - Pivot In Situ

The Trojan - Pivot In Situ

The Trojan - Spike In Situ

The Trojan - Spike In Situ

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