MK5 Handrail


UniLED™ MK5 Handrail Light.

The UniLED™ MK5 Handrail Light is also known as the Puck Light. It is a 1 Watt, 350mA LED fitting with a symmetrical beam, and runs from dedicated 24v switch mode power supplies. 

The MK5 Handrail Light is a discrete but powerful fitting, has a 16mm diameter and screws directly into tubular steel handrails. It requires a minimum wall thickness of 2.5mm but can be made suitable for any handrail diameter above 40mm OD.

Easy to install, no maintenance required, and extremely durable. Cool running, safe to touch.

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Broadgate Circle, London

Broadgate Circle, London

Broadgate Circle, London

Broadgate Circle, London

Images provided of Broadgate Circle, London courtesy of The Light Lab.

Unit 6 Arthur Drive

Hoo Farm Industrial Estate



DY11 7RA



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